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My name is Dale Maney, and I’m a business owner and ex-diesel and hydraulics technician who has been in the equipment business for over 35 years. For all of that time, customers have always been having issues when it comes to reattaching hydraulic hoses from any implement or attachment, but are generally too ashamed to admit that–just like everybody else in the industry. No one really knew what to do about it, and it didn’t seem important enough to really care much about it. So, until now the problem went ignored.

Now, as an equipment owner and operator, dealing with this issue became more important when it was happening to me. Having a tree moving company with multiple tree spades plus other equipment, I was always having trouble reattaching the hydraulic lines on my hydraulic pod trailer to the truck. The way I use this trailer is that I load the trees I need to haul the next day into the pod trailer, then hook up the truck and trailer to be able to leave early the next morning. Then in the morning, I leave for the customer’s house where I would level the tree trailer pods hydraulically, then unhook the truck and go about transplanting the trees for a couple hours, after which time I’d come back to reattach the hydraulic lines. The problem was that when I would come back they would already be rock hard from the pressure increase due to thermal expansion. NOT GOOD! Back then, I would only be able to reattach them by first getting a couple of wrenches out of the truck to take the quick coupler off the end of the hose to bleed off the excess pressure. At this time, I’m not happy because in the process a small amount of oil is also lost onto the street, and besides this hassle, I was also noticing leaks being caused by the extreme pressure building up in these systems.

So now that these problems are MY problems, it was time to figure out a solution. While trying to think of a more permanent solution, I realize there wasn’t one. To install anything permanently into the hydraulic system would add considerable cost, plus it would also negatively alter the performance of the system. So, what I came up with is quick, easy, relatively inexpensive, and easy to use on any hydraulic implement or attachment–the Hose End Chamber. The Hose End Chamber is an expansion chamber simply attached via your own quick coupling onto the hose end at the very time you are unhooking the attachment. Simply leave it hang there until the next time of use, at which time you unhook the Hose End Chamber, reattach your implement, and go back to work. Simple, easy, and very effective. The ONLY solution is prevention. This also takes any strain off your system while it’s out of service instead of subjecting it to pressures that can go higher than actual operating pressures.

Now that you know a little bit about how I came up with the Hose End Chamber, take a look around the site. We currently have three different sizes of the Hose End Chamber. See what’s right for you. If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email at dmaney@hoseendchamber.com.

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Dale Maney

Owner and Founder of HEC LLC


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